Taylor Maxfield

I love food

I love making food and eating food and trying new foods and smelling food too.

That's not weird, right?

Some of my favorite foods are mashed potatoes, rice with vegetables and meat, mangoes, almonds, various seafood, liverwurst, chili, and all sorts of sandwiches. I have many many more, but you probably have your own favorites that you'd rather be dreaming about!

My love of food is a big part of college, because meals are highlights of my day. There is one rule to abide by when eating in college: As long as you are in the Dining Hall, there is no homework. Meals are a time to connect with friends as much as it is to hunt down the choicest eats!

My favorites at Calvin:
Curry bowls every Tuesday night and Pasta bar on Wednesdays
Quiche, oatmeal, or hard boiled eggs for breakfast
Peanut butter and bananas at any meal
All the fruits and veggies available every day, especially the strawberries and peppers
The JenVos sandwich, paninied-- pesto and tomatoes and gooey cheese, oh my!
No bake peanut butter and chocolate bars